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If you’ve been looking for a better outdoor product that keeps bugs at bay the natural way, look no further than Amazon Lights. Instead of basic citronella, enjoy Brazilian aromatic blends that smell great and keep your outdoor experience pest-free and peaceful using one of Brazil’s most sustainable rainforest products, Andiroba oil.

Each of the Amazon Lights organic garden products fills your outdoor space with sweet, natural fragrance while repelling pests effectively. You can try the Amazon Lights Garden Candle by itself or in tandem with Amazon Lights Garden Incense Sticks spread around your space. If you’re looking for a quick burst of pest-repelling power, try the Amazon Lights Garden Incense Cones while you enjoy a few minutes outside. Whether entertaining outdoors, gardening, or simply lounging, your space will be bug-free without any harsh chemicals or unpleasant odors.

Amazon Lights natural and sustainable outdoor products guarantee that you can fully enjoy your time outside. Instead of harsh chemical smells and ineffective pest products, you’ll delight in the aromatic blend of Brazilian Andiroba oil, thyme, and rosemary and remain bug-free.
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