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Dr. Hauschka Philosophy

  Healing humanity and the Earth

Dr. Hauschka is driven by the principle of a culture of care. Everything they do is rooted in the interest of supporting well-being in the world. Dr. Hauschka believes that personal health and happiness fosters a deep interest in others and, by extension, the planet. By giving care to the self, one can then set out to enact communal change with renewed energy.

The message of healing extends to the entire Dr. Hauschka brand and sets the tone for the company's products, production methods and business practices. Dr Hauschka is produced from natural growing practices, manufactured harm-free and in accordance to international fair trade initiatives. In accordance to their guiding principle, Dr. Hauschka contributes to local and global efforts invested in making the world a better place.

Dr. Hauschka History

Shaping Natural Beauty for over 70 years

As early as the 1930s, Dr. Rudolf Hauschka began experimenting with an innovative, completely natural way to harness the powerful extracts and minerals of plants. He found that exposing plants to natural temperature and light extremes resulted in nutrient extraction without using chemical processes. Encouraged and excited by the results, Dr. Hauschka and colleagues created WALA Heilmittel, a holistic pharmaceutical company dedicated to the virtue of healing humanity and the earth.

WALA introduced the Dr. Hauschka skin care line to the American market in 1972 and has garnered devotees from skin care specialists, celebrities and shrewd consumers with high standards for natural beauty.  

Dr. Hauschka Articles

Dr. Hauschka Press and Roll Technique
A leader in holistic approaches to skin care for over 40 years, Dr. Hauschka believes in taking a gentler approach to caring for skin, especially when it comes to washing the face. The company contends that harsh products used in commercially produced skin care products that encourage "scrubbing" are damaging to the gentle surface of the skin on your face. Their motto is that scrubbing is for floors, not faces. In keeping with this gentler approach, the company devised an exclusive...Read More

Ingredient Standards
WALA Heilmittel is the company that manufactures Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. For over 70 years, the company has painstakingly studied and worked with plants and minerals in an attempt to learn how plants interact with the skin, and how those plants can promote healthier, more beautiful and well-balanced skin. To do that, the company needed to be able to control the source from which their plants...Read More

Go Beyond Typical Toners with Dr. Hauschka
There are three basic types of toners available today. The mildest toner is called the skin freshener, then there are the tonics, and then the strongest are called astringents. Unfortunately, most over the counter toners contain chemicals to preserve them for a longer shelf life. While these chemicals are good for extending the shelf life of the product, they are far from beneficial to your skin...Read More

Why Your Skin Care Routine Is All Wrong - Like Treats Like
If you have oily skin you probably own dozens of different skin-drying products to try to counteract your condition. You try product after product trying to find something to eliminate the oil, but nothing seems to work. That is because you are going about it all wrong. Dr. Hauschka has done extensive research on this topic and has found that the only way to effectively treat your oily skin is with oil...Read More

Say No To Night Creams
The motto Dr. Hauschka lives by is: "Beautiful skin isn't always healthy—however healthy skin is always beautiful." In what ways can someone keep their skin healthy and why does Dr. Hauschka tell us to stay away from night creams when everyone else in our world is recommending them? Dr.Hauschka says, your skin is working at regenerating itself while you sleep, balancing its oil production and getting rid of impurities. Using night creams on a regular basis interferes with this natural process of regenerating your skin...Read More

Dr. Hauschka Products for Mature Skin
Dr. Hauschka's approach to skin care is a holistic one. That means that all of the skin care products are made from natural ingredients. It also means that the Dr. Hauschka skin care regime goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. The line of products that the company created for mature skin are designed to address the issues that women face as part of the aging process...Read More

Dr. Hauschka Videos

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