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Dr. Hauschka Ingredient Standards

WALA Heilmittel is the company that manufactures Dr. Hauschka Skin Care products. For over 70 years, the company has painstakingly studied and worked with plants and minerals in an attempt to learn how plants interact with the skin, and how those plants can promote healthier, more beautiful and well-balanced skin. To do that, the company needed to be able to control the source from which their plants came. To that end, the ingredients used in the products are taken from an organic herb garden at the foot of a mountain in the Swabian mountain area. It is behind the building where the products are created.

About the Organic Farm/Garden The garden now spans over 4.5 hectares and consists of more than 150 plants, all of which are grown for their medicinal properties and for use in products that make up the Dr. Hauschka Skin Care line. The company doesn't just require that the plants used in their products be grown organically. The farm uses biodynamic methods of farming. Though they share many of the same practices as the familiar organic farming, biodynamic is even older the organic movement.

It is a practice that believes that healthy plants come from healthy soil. To accomplish that, it's necessary to do things to protect the environment. It is even more eco-friendly than organic gardening because it uses things within the garden itself to improve the overall quality of the soil, and by extension, to produce healthier plants.

What Biodynamic Farming Involves Biodynamic farming believes in using green manure to add important plant nutrients to the soil. That is accomplished by planting a winter cover crop and tilling it under in the spring. Compost also nourishes the soil, but is used as mulch to keep weeds from growing. To expedite the decomposition process of the compost, specific plants that aid that process are grown in the garden.

Crop rotation prevents the spread of soil-borne disease and helps keep destructive insects and pests away. The garden is also a closed one -- meaning that the company doesn't want to cross pollinate their plants with those of a place that may not adhere to organic growing standards. Instead of purchasing new seeds each year, seeds are harvested from existing plants, and this ensures purity.

When you buy Dr. Hauschka products, you can rest assured in the knowledge that every plant that is used in the products was grown right near the company's laboratories. Their ethic goes beyond a refusal to use chemical or synthetic products to control weeds or pests. Just as they look to nature to provide the best ingredients, they look to nature to nurture the garden, provide the nutrients that the soil needs to be healthy enough to produce healthy plants, and to maintain a cycle where they are always assured of healthy plants from their own seeds.
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