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Why Your Skin Care Routine is All Wrong - Like Treats Like

If you have oily skin you probably own dozens of different skin-drying products to try to counteract your condition. You try product after product trying to find something to eliminate the oil, but nothing seems to work. That is because you are going about it all wrong. Dr. Hauschka has done extensive research on this topic and has found that the only way to effectively treat your oily skin is with oil.

What? That doesn’t make sense!

Initially, this may seem counterproductive. If you add oil to oily skin it will only make it more oily, right? Wrong! Your skin is not only the largest organ in your body, it is also very smart. It naturally balances itself throughout the day. If you apply drying products to your oily skin, all this does is convince your skin that you are lacking on oil and you need to produce more. The result? Oily skin that you cannot control.

By applying Normalizing Day Oil to your skin instead, you will keep your skin in an ideal state. This product is all natural and will keep your skin perfectly balanced. Once you get in the habit of using oil to treat your oily skin, you will finally have the clear, matte skin you desire.

What about dry skin?

The same theory applies if you suffer from dry skin. If you attempt to treat your dry skin with ultra-thick, creamy lotions and oils to rehydrate your skin, what you are really doing is tricking your skin into thinking it has all of the oils it needs. Your skin will stop producing its own oils, and your dry skin is not really treated. Without you own natural oils, you will be constantly battling your dry skin because you are never actually treating it.

A better option is to use our light Moisturizing Day Cream. It will hydrate your skin while still allowing your skin to balance itself by producing its own oils. Your skin will take care of you if you allow it to.

When it comes to taking care of your skin, it is often tempting to use an overabundance of products that promise the results you are looking for. Instead of trying to fight your skin, it is better to work with your skin. By using similar products to the problem you are fighting, your skin will be able to balance itself and keep your skin looking fresh. In simpler words, treat like with like.
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