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Dr. Hauschka Products for Mature Skin

dr. hauschka regenerating products

Dr. Hauschka's approach to skin care is a holistic one. That means that all of the skin care products are made from natural ingredients. It also means that the Dr. Hauschka skin care regime goes hand in hand with a healthy lifestyle. The line of products that the company created for mature skin are designed to address the issues that women face as part of the aging process. Skin texture changes, moisture levels are altered, and over time, fine lines, wrinkles, and irregularities in skin pigmentation replace the one bright glow with a look that reveals a life well lived.

The regenerating line, along with Intensive Treatments 04 and 05 address issues associated with aging, including the loss of elasticity, the development of wrinkles and fine lines, and skin splotches and uneven texture, both of which may be related to menopause.

Regenerating Products for the Face and Body

Regenerating Serum
Regenerating Serum replaces your skin toner. It is designed to moisturize and sooth, but it also firms the skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Regenerating Day Cream
This product is also designed to smooth fine lines and minimize wrinkles. It is also effective at revitalizing skin elasticity and tone. Above all, it moisturizes skin and improves the overall look and feel of the face.

Regenerating Neck and Décolleté Cream
This cream is an intensive moisturizing and firming cream for the neck and décolleté area. It also firms and tones the neck and décolleté area, giving it a more refined and youthful appearance.

Regenerating Eye Cream
This cream minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by firming and smoothing the area around the eyes and improving the elasticity and skin tone there.

Regenerating Body Moisturizer
This moisturizing cream firms, tightens and improves elasticity. Antioxidants encourage cell regeneration and renewal.

Intensive Treatment 04
Intensive Treatment 04 is another product that improves skin elasticity and tone. It also moisturizes and refines the overall appearance of the facial skin. It is designed to encourage regeneration and leaves the skin looking beautiful, radiant and free of stress.

Intensive Treatment 05
This treatment addresses menopausal skin changes by minimizing skin discoloration and blotchiness. It balances the skin, leaving it looking softer and smoother.

All of the Dr. Hauschka products for mature skin address the loss of elasticity through the use of natural firming ingredients. Hormonal changes frequently result in dryer skin and increased sensitivity. By using all of these products in conjunction with Dr. Hauschka's methods for stimulating the skin, your face will feel better, look better, and have the healthy glow that everyone hopes to see in their skin.
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