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Say No To Night Creams, According to Dr. Hauschka

normalizing day oil

The motto Dr. Hauschka lives by is: "Beautiful skin isn't always healthy—however healthy skin is always beautiful." In what ways can someone keep their skin healthy and why does Dr. Hauschka tell us to stay away from night creams when everyone else in our world is recommending them?

Dr.Hauschka says, your skin is working at regenerating itself while you sleep, balancing its oil production and getting rid of impurities. Using night creams on a regular basis interferes with this natural process of regenerating your skin. These are essential tasks for making sure your skin is being taken care of. Night creams stop the process of producing natural moisture which results in even drier skin than before. Your body becomes dependent on using these products to keep up the "normal" appearance.

So, what is Dr. Hauschka's recommendation?

To return your body back to it's normal, unrestrained routine, use Dr. Hauschka's Night Conditioner for 28 days. You will see an even, balanced, and radiant complexion. Before bedtime, clean and tone only. For skin prone to acne, Dr. Hauschka recommends:

A Normalizing Day Oil, which may seem counterproductive, but the skin knows what it needs. If the body needs more oil, it produces more. No oil-free acne treatments. Those products rob the skin of its defense system triggering the production of even more oil. Pure plant oils and botanical extracts, found in the Normalizing Day Oil, balance excessive oil while soothing and minimizing the appearance of blemishes. Dr. Hauschka gives the following tips for proper face cleaning:

Cleansing is the way to eliminate breakouts and clogged pores. Over-cleansing by scrubbing or harsh drying and exfoliating products strips the face of its naturally-produced protection. That is how skin gets dry, irritated and premature aging. The "Press and Roll" system gently exfoliates without disturbing the skin's defenses. It keeps the balance of oil and water on the face's surface while getting the results you desire. Using these techniques, the face will be clear and radiant. The essential thing to realize is your skin is smart. It has the amazing ability to care for itself by responding to external and internal changes in the atmosphere and in your own body. It's job has been and will be, if encouraged to continue, to provide your skin with everything it needs to stay healthy and hydrated. The key is to encourage and strengthen these natural defenses without getting in the way.

Dr. Hauschka's skin care differs from other skin care methods in that he does not interfere with the skin's natural rhythm. He allows it to cleanse, balance and renew itself. He has combined some traditional aspects with modern science and technology to create a natural skin care product that is herbal and natural.

What is best for your body? Foreign substances that rob the natural beauty and defenses of your body or botanicals and herbs that encourage the body to do what it's best at... protection and renewal.
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