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Dr. Hauschka Press and Roll Technique

A leader in holistic approaches to skin care for over 40 years, Dr. Hauschka believes in taking a gentler approach to caring for skin, especially when it comes to washing the face. The company contends that harsh products used in commercially produced skin care products that encourage "scrubbing" are damaging to the gentle surface of the skin on your face. Their motto is that scrubbing is for floors, not faces. In keeping with this gentler approach, the company devised an exclusive step-by-step press and roll technique that they recommend people follow when they wash their face before bed at night.

  • Step One
  • For the first step, you prepare a bath by filling your sink or basin with warm water. Add one to two pumps of the Dr. Hauschka lavender bath to the warm water and mix it gently.
  • Step Two
  • Soak a soft cotton wash cloth in the water and gently apply it to your face and neck for about 15 seconds. You just need to press it to all of the areas of your face, not wipe your face with it. Go around your face in a clockwise or counter clockwise motion to ensure that you dab every part of your face, throat and neck.
  • Step Three
  • Squeeze a few drops of the Dr. Hauschka cleansing cream onto the fingertips of one hand. Mix it with a few drops of the warm lavender water. Gently spread the cleanser over the surface of your face, throat and neck.
  • Step Four
  • To use the press and roll technique, start at your forehead. For one to three minutes, go around your face, making sure to press the cleanser into the skin and then roll your hands out away from the skin. Use both hands and press and roll over every part of your face, ending with your throat and neck.
  • Step Five
  • To remove the cleanser from your face, saturate the wash cloth with the warm lavender water again follow the same order that you used for applying the cleanser and dab the washcloth gently on every part of the surface of your face. There is no need to apply excessive pressure or rub hard.
  • Step Six
  • To finish the process, saturate a soft wash cloth in cold water and gently dab the cold compress across your face, just as you've done previously with the warm one.
  • Step Seven
  • The final step is the toner. Simply spray a few mists of the toner onto your face. You should feel relaxed and refreshed now.

The press and roll technique is designed to stimulate lymphatic flow. The body's lymph system is the place that captures all of the toxins to which the body is subjected, whether it be from environmental stressors or harsh products that people use on their faces as part of their skin care regime. By stimulating lymphatic flow, the body can eliminate the chemicals and toxins that aren't good for your skin or any part of your body.

When you're using Dr. Hauschka products and following the techniques the company recommends for caring for your skin, you'll notice that they advise against using night cream. Their products are holistically formulated and designed to be gentle. They don't strip natural oils from the skin, so your skin will be moist enough from cleansing.
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