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Erbaviva Guide: Certified USDA Organic skin care for the whole family

Erbaviva Philosophy

erbaviva philosophy
Protecting consumers and the environment by using high quality, organic ingredients

Erbivava is proud to be one of the few USDA certified organic skin care manufacturers in the country. They believe that using organic ingredients in their products is the best decision for families and the environment. Adhering to these high principles means products made without ingredients that were grown in pesticides, artificial fertilizers or sewer sludge.

Erbaviva packages most of its products using recyclable amber glass that protects the potency of essential oils from light and preserves their therapeutic formulas. Any plastic packaging is recyclable, environmentally friendly PET.

Since its inception, Erbaviva has been part of a project to help empower the Pwo Karen hill tribe of Northern Thailand and Burma. This project runs a health outreach for children and helps native people transition from "slash and burn" agricultural practices to a model of permanent, sustainable farms.

Erbaviva History

erbaviva organic history
Dedicated to provide the purest, most natural skincare products for families

Erbaviva sprang into existence in 1996 as a way to offer babies and moms-to-be upscale products that were completely free of unhealthy additives. Founded by husband and wife duo Robin Brown and Anna Cirronis, Erbaviva's flagship product was the Baby Soapbag, a unique and soapless wash, cradled in an unbleached organic cotton sachet filled with organic oatmeal, organic milk and organic lavender flowers.

Quickly, the line expanded to a complete line of baby care products to offer safe, essential products like shampoo, body butter, diaper cream and sunscreen. Following that success, Erbaviva made the natural leap to create a mommy-to-be line, creating products that pampered and nourished women throughout their entire prenatal experience. Today, they offer a full line of organic products for the whole family with bath, body and aromatherapy.

Erbaviva Articles

erbaviva flower

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