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Prevent Stretch Marks with Help from Erbaviva

Stretch marks are unavoidable for most women, leaving their mark on 75 to 90 percent of pregnant women. While new moms may have fond memories of their pregnancy, those itchy and uncomfortable stretch marks are not one of them. Fortunately, there are a handful of highly-effective products on the market that can help prevent the appearance of those stubborn reddish, purplish, or pinkish streaks on the skin. While these “scars” are simply a result of a beautiful pregnancy, there is no reason to live with them. Erbaviva offers a wide range of organic products for mom and baby, without the harsh detergents, chemicals, and additives found in similar products.

Mommy Belly Butter

As baby grows, so does the pregnant belly, making a quality belly butter a must-have product. Erbaviva Organic Mommy Belly Butter hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving it feeling smooth and soft. Belly Butter also eases the effects of stretch marks and the frustrating symptoms that accompany these streaks, such as itchiness. Erbaviva Organic Mommy Belly Butter is USDA Certified and contains fair trade cocoa butter and carrot seed oil. With essential oils like mandarin, lavender, rose, and sandalwood, Mommy Belly Butter by Erbaviva has the smell, texture, and ingredients needed for growing bellies.

Stretch Mark Oil

Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil is a nourishing blend of essential oils, such as organic carrot seed and rose. Stretch marks can properly heal when hydrated, and many women find relief from stretch marks when they apply the Erbaviva Organic Stretch Mark Cream during the day and the Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil before bed. With over 95 percent organic ingredients and a USDA Certified Organic seal of approval, Stretch Mark Oil is the ideal product for moms looking to eliminate their dreadful stretch marks naturally.

Stretch Mark Cream

Moms-to-be will love the luxurious feel when applying Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream with Shea butter, feverfew extracts, and sea buckthorn. Free of chemicals, detergents, and harmful additives, the Organic Stretch Mark Cream is USDA Certified and contains over 95 percent organic ingredients, including essential oils like lavender, carrot seed, mandarin, sandalwood, and rose. With Erbaviva Stretch Mark Oil for use at night, these two products make for a winning combination. Moms can enjoy Erbaviva Stretch Mark Cream for themselves as baby grows, or give it as a gift for another pregnant mommy.

Erbaviva products for moms and moms-to-be bring the pampering home by giving your skin the special care it needs as it grows to accommodate baby. Skip the harmful ingredients and go organic, while savoring the numerous benefits of Erbaviva products.
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