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Erbaviva Ingredients Spotlight

erbaviva lavender

Erbaviva is a line of natural, organic hair and body care products that are minimally processed, ethically sourced, and environmentally friendly. Erbaviva pays careful attention to every aspect of the creation of their products, whether that pertains to the organic essential oils they obtain from all over the world, or the raw ingredients that come from organic vegetable oils.

The addition of organic antioxidants to products extends their shelf life. Nitrogen is used in the bottling of oils so that the oils are preserved in their pure state until the bottle is opened. Any emulsifiers used in Erbaviva creams comes from wheat bran. Another ingredient used in creams is a natural fatty acid that is also derived from wheat bran.

Erbaviva doesn't use Sodium Laurel Sulfate in any of their shampoos or body washes. It is a harsh detergent that is used in mechanical and industrial places because of its effectiveness as a degreaser. The cleansing agents used in the shampoos are made with Olivoil Glutinate, a cleanser that is a derivative of olive oil. The luxurious foaming and sudsy qualities in body cleansers, washes and shampoos comes from Quilaja, a substance that comes from the Chilean soap bark tree. Decyl Polyglucose is another mild cleanser that is added to many Erbaviva hair and body cleansers. It is derived from corn.

All of the Erbaviva ingredients, including organic lavender flowers, organic echinacea, organic milk and organic oats have a story to tell. The story pertains to where they come from and the methods used to obtain and process them.
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