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Spoil Mom During Pregnancy with Erbaviva

When you are pregnant, what you put inside your body is imperative to the development of your child. But what you apply to your skin may be just as equally important. At Charleston Naturally, we understand your desire to have high-quality products that are safe to apply to your skin during pregnancy. We also understand your desire to be pampered. After all, you are brining life into this world; the least the people around you can do is pamper you, right? That is why we are proud to introduce Erbaviva, a line of high-quality, organic products that will allow you to safely be pampered through all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

When you are pregnant, few things feel greater than a nice back massage from a loved one. Your back goes through a lot of grief as your stomach grows, and it is important for your loved ones to recognize that. To help them give you the perfect back massage, Erbaviva has created Organic Back Rub Oil to help calm your muscles and your mind. It is created with top-quality, organic roman chamomile, sandalwood, and geranium essential oils. This combination is just what the doctor ordered to help you stay stress-free throughout your pregnancy.

Another great Erbaviva product to help you relax during your pregnancy is the Mommy Milk Bath. This product is a pregnancy godsend. It helps calm your mind with its organic sandalwood, lavender, and lemon essential oils. Plus, it contains organic milk powder, which helps to relieve the annoying itchiness your stomach starts to develop as it expands. So have your loved one draw you up a Mommy Milk Bath so that you can relax and relieve the dryness in one calming experience.

Erbaviva also knows that people love to get you gifts when you are pregnant. Lucky you! You should recommend the Pregnancy Gift Set to anyone that asks what you would like. It contains the Back Rub Oil and the Mommy Milk Bath. Plus, you will get a bottle of Stretch Mark Oil to keep your skin soft and hydrated, possibly reducing the appearance of stretch marks.

There are few times in your life where you deserve to be pampered more than when you are pregnant. So don’t be shy and ask for a back rub or milk bath as often as you want. Because the more stress-free you are, the healthier your baby is.

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