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Quince and ilike

When Ilike Molinar began developing organic skin care products in Hungary, her home country, in the 1950's, she turned to the things she'd learned from her family about herbal remedies. She knew that these remedies had been used by ancient civilizations, including the Greeks and Romans, many thousands of years earlier. Her subsequent training at the Aesthetics School in Vienna, and biochemistry studies, helped her learn even more about what ingredients would work well together.

About Quince
Three different types of deciduous flowering shrubs belong to the group that is commonly referred to as flowering quince. Those shrubs are:
  • Chaenomeles cathayensis
  • Chaenomeles japonica
  • Chaenomeles speciosa

Flowering quince originated in Asia and is related to both Chinese quince (Pseudocydonia sinensis,) and orchard quince (Cydonia oblonga,) the latter being the type of quince that is grown as a fruit shrub.

C. speciosa and C. superba are the most commonly grown cultivars. The familiar red flowers bloom in late winter to early spring – before anything else blooms in cold winter climates. Dark glossy green leaves develop after the shrubs flower.

Fragrant quince fruits are typically the size of tiny apples – with a diameter of two to four inches.

When ripe in fall, fruit is a yellow-green color with a hint of red blush. Small round speckles cover fruits.

Quince is a rich source of vitamin C – even more than lemons. Because the fragrant fruits of flowering quince are high in pectin, it is an ideal fruit to use for making jams, jellies and preserves.

Quince in Skin Care Products
When used in skin care products, quince is an excellent skin toner and tightener. Ancient civilizations believed that quince was such an effective tightener that they advised women who were at the end of their pregnancies not to eat it for fear it would inhibit labor. It is effective for rejuvenating skin and for minimizing the size of large pores.

Quince pectin is cooling and calming and soothing – especially for irritated skin. The pectin is one of the ingredients in ilike organic skin care masks.

ilike Organic Skin Care Quince Apple Gel Mask
Quince Apple Gel Mask, one of the ilike organic skin care products, soothes sunburn, moisturizes dry skin, minimizes pore size, wrinkles, and is good for combating the effects of aging. Use it to hydrate, firm and nourish your skin.

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