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ilike Organic Skin Care

Blending old-world knowledge of natural healing remedies and biochemical research, ilike products contain rich minerals and trace elements harvested from the uniquely lush Hungarian soil. ilike offers 100% natural, European solutions to nourish the skin.

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Nettle Exfoliating Wash
Rosehip Exfoliator
Ilike Spinach and Horsetail Exfoliator
ilike Grape Stem Cell Polishing Scrub
Sulphuric Exfoliator
ilike yogurt power peel
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Combining old-world knowledge of natural healing remedies with biochemistry research, ilike natural and organic skin care products include uniquely European, handpicked ingredients straight from nature for the most beautifying benefits.

Indulge and preserve your skin with the rich, deeply penetrating effects of ilike organic beauty products such as ilike Blackthorn Toner. Perfect for all skin types, this natural toner improves skin’s elasticity while tightening and regenerating skin pore by pore with its naturally antioxidant and vitamin-rich ingredients.

With ilike organic beauty products, you can see the natural difference. Full of healthful ingredients in their raw form, this European natural beauty product line promises the best possible results. Many ilike products can be diluted or combined with other products for the results you desire. Natural masks such as the ilike Seven Herb Mask and ilike Rich Carrot Mask can be used individually or combined to give you both the skin-soothing effects of carrot and the antiseptic, skin-clearing benefits of organic herbs, all in one treatment.

For anti-aging benefits, turn away from the chemical solutions of the past, and open your eyes to nature’s benefits with ilike Wrinkle Elminator Serum. Packed with wrinkle-fighting, regenerating ingredients, this serum does everything you want it to, making your skin look fresh, rejuvenated, and wrinkle-free organically.

ilike organic beauty products, are the result of the herbal remedies of old-world Hungary combined with the knowledge that natural ingredients are the best solutions for your beauty. Rest assured, when you use ilike beauty products, your skin gets the premium treatment, straight from Mother Nature.

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