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Intelligent Nutrients Philosophy

  Proving that safe effective products are possible and powerful

Intelligent Nutrients is on a mission to put health back into the health and beauty business. By creating products that provide professional results without sacrificing personal safety, Intelligent Nutrients proves that harmful additives like synthetics and chemicals can be a thing of the past.

Following the principle that the body can absorb internally what is topically applied, Intelligent Nutrients uses only 100% USDA certified organic ingredients grown pesticide-free and manufactured with 100% renewable energy. All products are free of sulfates, petrochemicals, plastics, phthalates, parabens, silicone and other synthetic ingredients.

Intelligent Nutrients believes that consumers should be aware of the materials contained in beauty products and urges industry change by carefully selecting lines that are free from harm. Founder Horst Rechelbacher donates all after-tax profits from the sale of IN products to environmental and social causes. Every time you purchase Intelligent Nutrients products, you cast your vote for safe, natural beauty. That's a promise we can all embrace.

Intelligent Nutrients History

Revolutionary beauty from Aveda founder Horst Rechelbacher

For over 50 years, Intelligent Nutrients's founder Horst Rechelbacher has been raising the bar in the beauty industry. Led by the principle that nature is our greatest teacher, Rechelbacher founded the Aveda Corporation in 1978 and issued forth one of the first global plant-based cosmetics company. After selling Aveda to Estee Lauder in 1997, he created Intelligent Nutrients to challenge safety concerns in the beauty industry and set out to prove that safe and effective products are possible and powerful.

Intelligent Nutrients contain organic ingredients grown on Rechelbacher's Wisconsin farm powered by solar and wind power. All products are manufactured with 100% renewable energy and display a Green E seal on product packaging. All packaging is recyclable.  

Intelligent Nutrients Articles

Intellimune from Intelligent Nutrients
Everyone has stressors in their lives. When you're under a tremendous amount of stress, your body is more susceptible to stress-related disease, infection, and a host of other health problems. When all of these factors are combined with things in the environment, the body is exposed to all sorts of destructive free radicals that attack the immune system and other bodily functions. This leads to premature aging....Read More

Pesticide Free Products
Intelligent Nutrients believes that when it comes to beauty care products that your skin and body absorb, the ingredients should be just as pure as the food you eat. To that end, the company uses USDA Certified Organic ingredients. It also goes a step further as an industry leader in nutritional chemistry and using advanced technologies that guarantee the highest level of purity in all of their products...Read More

Harmonic Line
Intelligent Nutrients® developed their Harmonic Line as a joint collaboration between themselves, the Environmental Working Group, and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics. The products in the Harmonic Line are unparalleled when it comes to being eco-friendly, safe, pure, and all natural. As proof of that, the products in the Harmonic Line are among the top rated...Read More

Wash Your Hair Backwards
If someone said to "wash your hair backwards" you would probably think they meant to turn around in the shower. What it really refers to is shampooing your hair after conditioning it. Why would you do this, when it has always been shampoo first, condition last? Because this method works! The results are clean, shiny, healthy hair. The idea to wash your hair backwards began with Horst Rechelbacher, an Australian...Read More

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