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Intelligent Nutrients and Pesticide Free Products

Intelligent Nutrients believes that when it comes to beauty care products that your skin and body absorb, the ingredients should be just as pure as the food you eat. To that end, the company uses USDA Certified Organic ingredients. It also goes a step further as an industry leader in nutritional chemistry and using advanced technologies that guarantee the highest level of purity in all of their products.

Organic Food Production and Environmental Benefits
Farmers who are committed to organic agricultural practices avoid the use of chemicals that may disturb the natural soil balance, or spread into the water supply. Organic growing uses natural practices such as companion planting, compost as a natural fertilizer, and beneficial insects as a way to control pest problems. The use of beneficial insects is known as Integrated Pest Management.
The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) uses different methods of risk assessment to determine what impact pesticides have on both environmental and human health. The system is designed to assess new pesticides before allowing them to enter the market. It also has provisions that require existing pesticides to undergo periodic re-examination to determine whether they are safe for continued use.
The EPA looks at pesticides to evaluate environmental risks by assessing the effects of individual ingredient pesticides and combinations of pesticides, or those containing multiple ingredients.
People are exposed to pesticides in three ways: from the food they eat, when it is absorbed into the skin, and by inhaling it. The EPA requires that the results of testing conform to EPA safety standards. Sadly, that testing is done on animals.
People can control the extent to which their bodies are exposed to pesticides, but the government is responsible for controlling the environmental impact. One reason people are so concerned about pesticide use is because of the real danger that run off from large farms can enter the water supply, both in the ground and at the surface that provide drinking water to communities in the vicinity.
EPA testing provides some assurance that chemicals used in the U.S.. today are safe, but the long term impact of widespread pesticide use isn't known. Companies like Intelligent Nutrients make pure, organic products that allow people to rest assured that the products they purchase and use are free of any pesticides. When you purchase organic products, your eco-consciousness helps to protect the environment.
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