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Plant Stem Cell Science

The technology governing plant stem cell science allows biotechnicians to select and reproduce plant stem cells in a laboratory withing needing to use soil. Rich in beneficial antioxidants, these powerfully effective stem cells are further enhanced by a proprietary blend of pennywort, coneflower and edelweiss stem cells that address skin problems common to people experiencing aging skin. In addition, the production of laboratory-created plant stem cells represents a much more environmentally healthy process of accessing antioxidants than techniques associated with traditional agriculture. By promoting the existence of rare plants and supporting sustainability, plant stem cell science eliminates greenhouse gas emissions and the use pesticides and herbicides.

Intelligent Nutrients products endorse plant stem cell science because this cutting-edge technology delivers phytonutrients containing antioxident concentrations exceeding the antioxidants in natural grown plants by 1000 times. Wrinkles, stretch marks, age spots, scars and skin discolorations are erased, repaired and replenished by Intelligent Nutrient skin creams that also stimulate the synthesis of collagen, a protein vital to having firm, smooth skin.

Additionally, plant stem cells provide large amounts of amino acids, phytoalexins and lipids that are readily absorbed by the skin's epidermis cells. This permits rapid renewal of skin cells and increases low levels of skin-protecting filaggrin proteins,

Intellimune®, a seed blend possessing exceptional antioxidant abilities, is incorporated in nearly all of Intelligent Nutrient products and further compliments the anti-aging qualities provided by plant stem cell technology. Skin nourished by Intelligent Nutrient products experience healthy cell growth and sufficient collagen products that reduces the appearance of inflammatory conditions and signs of premature aging such as fine lines, excessive dryness and sagging.
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