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Wash Your Hair Backwards

If someone said to "wash your hair backwards" you would probably think they meant to turn around in the shower. What it really refers to is shampooing your hair after conditioning it. Why would you do this, when it has always been shampoo first, condition last? Because this method works! The results are clean, shiny, healthy hair.

The idea to wash your hair backwards began with Horst Rechelbacher, an Australian businessman who founded the cosmetics company Aveda. His newest product line, Intelligent Nutrients, includes skin and hair care products that are 100% organic.

The website No More Dirty Looks explains Rechelbacher's theory of washing your hair backwards. According to them, here's how it works. Begin by applying a dime-sized amount of oil to your scalp. (Jojoba, almond or olive oil are a few types of oil you can use.) Massage the oil evenly through your hair and onto your scalp. Leave the oil on for a few minutes so it can be absorbed and moisturize. Then rinse thoroughly. Next, apply conditioner to the hair and, like with the oil, leave it on for a few minutes before rinsing it out. Lastly, shampoo and rinse.

Ok, so that's how you do it. But the big question is why should you do it? The oil and conditioner will protect the hair cuticle while moisturizing the hair and scalp. The shampoo does its job of cleaning the hair and removing any buildup of hair care products and dirt. The shampoo will also remove any excess conditioner and oil. With this method your hair takes the nutrients it needs from the oil and conditioner and the shampoo washes the unneeded portion out. The result is sleek, shiny, beautiful hair and great hair days!

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