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Luxurious body care infused with award-winning, artisanal olive oil

80 Acres of McEvoy Ranch Philosophy

80 acres farm
Produced with mindful provisions for you and the environment

80 Acres uses McEnvoy's high quality organic olive oil as the foundation for their rich and moisturizing body care products. McEnvoy Ranch is certified organic by the rigorous standards of the California Olive Oil Council, ensuring that no chemicals are used during production and the acidity of the oil is less than half of one percent. Less acidity means more antioxidants and ensures that nutrients stay in the oil, making it highly prized and vitamin rich.

McEvoy's commitment to green doesn't end there. The company aims to minimize excess waste in the production process, and composts any waste that is produced. The ranch maintains a self-sufficient and balanced ecosystem nurtured by diverse plant and animal populations. The orchards and gardens are maintained in accordance with organic regulations.

In June of 2009, McEnvoy Ranch welcomed the installation of a 225 kW Norwin windmill, the first privately-owned turbine of its size in Marin County. The windmill tower is 97 feet tall, with 50-foot long blades. Its hilltop location was chosen after careful consideration to harness adequate wind and limit impact on wildlife. The windmill reduces their greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 110 tons each year and is designed to meet 100% of their electrical energy needs.

80 Acres of McEvoy Ranch History

A wonderful place in the country

Founder Nan McEnvoy started 80 Acres with a dream in mind. On a quest to find "a wonderful place in the country" to share with her family, she fell in love with a sprawling 550 acre farm in Petaluma, California. The farm was strictly zoned for agriculture, so she transformed the former dairy farm into an olive grove. Armed with her love of Tuscan olive oil, she consulted with one of Italy’s foremost experts on the subject, Maurizio Castelli, and imported 1000 seedlings from Tuscany to plant on the ranch.

Despite the challenges of producing olive oil in Marin County and defiant against the advice of many, Nan McEnvoy forged ahead with her dream. Nan was named Food Artisan of the Year by Bon Appetit magazine in 2003 and continues to be regarded as a top producer of artisanal, domestic olive oil.

80 Acres Articles

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