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Olivina Napa Valley

Olivina brings the bounty of Napa Valley to their natural line of body and skin care products. Hand-pressed olive and grape seed oil bring powerful antioxidants and vitamins to these artisanal, paraben-free beauty staples.

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Olivina Napa Valley brings you organic beauty products that transform the everyday experience of caring for your skin into an indulgence to look forward to. Olivina Napa Valley’s signature ingredients are artisanal oils like olive oil and grapeseed oil that nurture your skin to the fullest with organic luxury. Inspired by the natural richness of northern California and the Mediterranean, Olivina Napa Valley’s organic beauty products provide your skin with a uniquely indulgent experience.

Products such as Olivina Napa Valley Honeysuckle Rose Hand Crème will make your skin jump for joy as its natural Shea butter, olive, grapeseed, and almond oils hydrate and nourish needy dry spots like hands and cuticles. The crème’s pleasant fragrance, a heavenly blend of honeysuckle and fresh rose, will refresh your senses.

Give your hands or body a rejuvenating wash with Olivina Napa Valley Meyer Lemon Hand & Body Wash. Perfect for kitchen or bath use on hands or in the tub as a daily pick-me-up, this natural cleanser includes olive fruit extract, aloe vera, and kelp to nourish each time you lather.

For the ultimate indulgence, soak up the lovely organic scent of Olivina Napa Valley Classic Olive Bubble Bath during your next bath. Unlike other bubbly products that might dry your skin, Olivina Napa Valley Bubble Bath treats your skin gently as it melts away a stressful day.

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