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Clean Hair Styling Products

organic hair styling

The health of your hair can say a lot about you. No matter how long or short your hair is, whether you color it or use other treatments you probably use different hair styling products to get that look you want. The hair care market is flooded with all sorts of products for different styling needs. Many of those products are not made with natural products, and the unnatural ingredients in these products may do what they're intended to do, but they do so by compromising the overall health of your hair, and by emitting bad chemicals into the environment through various ways, including the air and water you breathe.

Ingredients to Avoid

Propylene Glycol
Propylene Glycol appears on labels in many different ways. The FDA considers it safe as a food additive, but it may also be a skin irritant. This chemical is commonly found in styling gels, lotions, hair conditioners and shampoo.

You will likely find this labeled as Diethanolamine, monoethanolamine, ethanolamine, triethanolamine, or as Lauramide DEA. This chemical is commonly found in foaming products such as hair mousse, hair scrunching foam, and even in shampoo.

There are many other adverse chemicals that are known to be skin or scalp irritants, but they are still approved for use in hair styling products. Their names may be long and confusing sounding, but the best way to avoid these ingredients is by looking specifically for products that contain natural ingredients.

Natural Alternatives And Products That Contain Safe Ingredients

Shea Butter – Also Called Butyrosperum Parkii
Shea butter is well known for its excellent moisturizing properties. It also contains a natural substance that offers UV protection. When used in hair styling products, it makes hair look shinier and more lustrous. It also helps dry hair retain moisture. Intelligent Nutrients Organic Styling Pomade is highly recommended for frizz control in humidity. It is also a good styling aid to choose if your hair tends to be dry. Shea butter is one of the natural moisturizing ingredients in this product. Additional ingredients in this styling pommade include beeswax, Jojoba seed oil and many other organic seed oils all of which are there to help hair look shiny and lustrous.

Other ingredients to look for in natural hair care products include chamomile, well known for its purifying and healing properties, sunflower oil, an ingredient that adds shine to hair without leaving an unpleasant oily residue. Olive oil and avocado oil both offer many benefits, including moisturizing and frizz control. Honey is often added to hair rinses, pommades and conditioners. Honey also has properties that aid in moisture retention, but it is also a rich source of all sorts of vitamins and minerals that are helpful for maintaining overall hair health.
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