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Rahua Guide: Embark on a journey with Amazon Beauty and reveal hair's full potential

Rahua Philosophy

rahua philosophy
Protecting the beauty and bounty of the rainforest

Amazon Beauty has built an earthy-friendly, sustainable fair trade agreement in partnership with women from Amazon Nations, including the Waorani, Achuar, Quincha, Quechua and Shuar tribes. They source and process the Rahua and Ungurahua oils according to traditional methods that have been passed down for generations.

Rahua products are 100% natural and organic, made from ingredients grown in the rainforest and processed using traditional methods perfected by indigenous people. Rainforest ingredients are not farmed but harvested from the wild wealth of the forest, tapping into the environment's pristine state for maximum potency. Rahua is manufactured with zero chemicals, parabens, sulfates, dyes or petroleum. All products are 100% vegan and gluten free.

Amazon Beauty gives back a percentage of its sales back to its sister organization, Ecoagents, a non-profit that centers on educating the Amazonian people about their ancestral land and intellectual property rights in order to protect the rainforest. It specializes in brokering safe, mindful agreements with corporations to preserve this unique and vibrant portion of the world.

Rahua History

rahua history
Returning to his roots to uncover the secret of Amazon Beauty

Hair stylist Fabien Lliguin has deep roots in the rainforest as well as in hair styling, and he found a way to weave them together. Lliguin grew up in Ecuador where his parents ran a hair salon and taught him the craft at a young age. Though he enjoyed it, he ached to travel the world and joined the merchant marines to make it happen. Afterwards, he settled in New York and worked construction jobs while attending beauty school at night. He eventually joined Vidal Sassoon for more in-depth training and opened up his own salon, Cocoon, on the Upper East Side.

As it turns out, running a hair salon wasn't enough for Lliguin. On a trip back to the Amazon rainforest, he was shocked and heartbroken to see how an oil company had destroyed a beautiful spot he visited as a child. He decided to help the indigenous people protect their land, and his non-profit, Egoagents, was born to protect the beauty and bounty of the rainforest. Amazon Beauty gives a portion of their revenue back to Ecoagents in support of native people and the rainforest.

Rahua Articles

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