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Miracle Hair Treatment from the Amazon

rahua hair amazon oil

Have you ever longed for the kind of hair that only seems to be possible on shampoo commercials? Thick, shiny hair that flows with ease as you spin around is not as impossible as you may think. Rahua is a product that is relatively new to the United States, but it has been a secret of Amazonian women for years.

The Quechua-Shuar tribe has been creating Rahua oil using nuts found deep in the Amazon jungles for centuries. The process used has been passed down from generations to generations and is very complex. According to Quechua-Shuar tradition, only women can create the formula, and they cannot eat salt for 24 hours before doing so. Once the initial batch it made, it continues to cook for up to one month in order to create the perfect oil product, which they call Rahua.

Sometime in the 1990’s, these women were kind enough to share their secret formula with fellow native Ecuadorian, New York colorist and stylist Fabian Lliguin. Today, Rahua is available to the general public, but it is still made using the same traditional methods that the Amazonian women perfected.

The Rahua oil works so well because the molecular structure of it is able to fully penetrate the hair, which repairs it from the inside out. Women who have used Rahua oil have seen amazing results. With the help of Rahua oil, dry and damaged hair is renewed to be elastic and shiny. Rahua oil also helps colored hair stay shiny and vibrant long after the initial coloring. Even irritated scalps can receive a transformation from Rahua oil.

Rahua oil is literally a miracle formula from the Amazon. When applied to your hair, you can achieve the lustrous, thick, shiny hair you have always dreamed of.
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