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S.W. Basics Philosophy

All S.W. Basics of Brooklyn products contain 5 ingredients or fewer. Their simple, holistic approach to skin care results in products that are chocked with powerful, healthy ingredients, completely free of anything unnecessary or harmful.

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn guarantees all ingredients to be either certified organic, Fair Trade or sourced from family farms. Made in small batches every week and packaged into glass jars with bold modern labels, S.W. Basics has us believing that less truly is more.

S.W. Basics History

S.W. Basics of Brooklyn was born in founder Adina Grigore's kitchen sink. Desperate to treat her sensitive skin, she applied her background in holistic nutrition and wellness and start crafting 100% natural solutions for face and body care. The products worked so well that she started making them for her friends, and the product line took off as word spread through Brooklyn and beyond.

S.W. Basics is a grassroots sensation made by people who believe in making good choices for themselves and the environment. Originally called Sprout Skincare, S.W. Basics of Brooklyn rebranded in 2012 to reflect their mission of a simple, pared-down approach to skincare.

S.W. Basics Articles

5 Ingredients or Less by S.W. Basics
Many commercially available beauty products contain numerous synthetic materials, which are often harmful to our bodies and our environment. Other companies use only natural, organic products, but contain lots of essential oils and trendy additives which can be harmful to a person with sensitive skin or lots of allergies. S.W. Basics products contain none of these...Read More

Sprout Wellness is now S.W. Basics
All things evolve on a daily basis. Even companies need to change every once in a while. What was once a great idea can easily transform into an even better idea. That is exactly what happened with Sprout Wellness. The company was started by a young nutrition-school graduate, Adina Grigore. Her initial goal was to help people learn about all aspects of wellness so they could live a healthier lifestyle without having to rely on nutritionists...Read More

Beauty You Can Eat
Have you ever smelled a body scrub or lotion and declared "This smells good enough to eat?" Well, with the latest bath and body line from S.W. Basics, you can! Both the S.W Basics body scrub and exfoliant are made out of ingredients that aren't only edible, they're tasty too...Read More

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