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Beauty You Can Eat

s.w. basics body scrub

Have you ever smelled a body scrub or lotion and declared "This smells good enough to eat?" Well, with the latest bath and body line from S.W. Basics, you can! Both the S.W Basics body scrub and exfoliant are made out of ingredients that aren't only edible, they're tasty too!

The exfoliant is created from organic oats and almonds. These are ground down into a consistency that works well as an exfoliant, without being too rough on your skin. Finally, local Maine sea salt is added to the mix. Not only does this sound like it should be in a gourmet food shop, it also does wonders in making your skin clean and soft. The exfoliant is available in a one ounce container for 12 dollars, or a 4 ounce container for 28 dollars.

The other edible body product, the body scrub, is another product that focuses on the quality of the ingredients to make it perfect. S. W. Basics uses organic demerara sugar, shredded coconut, and coconut oil to create a body scrub that provides exfoliation along with moisturizing qualities. This delightful combination sounds as much at home on a dessert plate as it does on your body.The body scrub is available in a 1 ounce jar for 12 dollars and a 6 ounce jar for 22 dollars.

S.W. Basics entire product line is focused on a philosophy that less is everything. The products don't have a giant laundry list of ingredients you can't read. Everything is potent, organic, and no product has more than 5 ingredients.
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