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Sprout Wellness is now S.W. Basics

All things evolve on a daily basis. Even companies need to change every once in a while. What was once a great idea can easily transform into an even better idea. That is exactly what happened with Sprout Wellness. The company was started by a young nutrition-school graduate, Adina Grigore. Her initial goal was to help people learn about all aspects of wellness so they could live a healthier lifestyle without having to rely on nutritionists. One aspect of her company was to teach people how to make their own skincare with items in their kitchens.

And then something happened.

People loved the skincare recipes that Adina taught them. The ingredients were pure and simple, and the results they saw were astounding. The only problem was that they would rather buy the products already made instead of having to make them themselves. Quickly, Sprout Wellness because a skincare brand, loved by homemakers and celebrities alike.

With this evolvement, the name Sprout Wellness didn’t really seem to fit anymore. Were there alfalfa sprouts in the skincare? Did the company sell other wellness items? In order to make the new brand idea more clear to consumers, Adina decided to change the name of her company to S.W. Basics.

The company has a new, clean look and the name demonstrates exactly who they are: a brand that sticks to the basics.

S.W. Basics is a skincare line that uses all natural organic and fair-trade ingredients. Every product only contains five ingredients or less, which results in a more potent product because no fillers are used. For example, their signature cleanser only contains organic rosewater, vegetable glycerin, and tea tree oil. Even though the products use fresh, basic ingredients, they still produce amazing results that leave people with all skin types raving.

The new branding of S.W. Basics will help customers immediately understand what the company is all about. They will be able to easily locate the products on a store shelf and they will not have to question if they are putting harmful chemicals on their skin.
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