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What Suki cleanser should you use for your skin?

Take your skin cleansing regimen up a notch with Suki's line of cleansers that are designed to refresh your skin. Each cleanser performs a specific role to meet your personal needs for your skin. Following is a look at the different skin cleansers from Suki, and their individual properties.

The Suki Creamy Foaming Cleanser contains ingredients that are proven to do their job, and do it well. Antioxidants help preserve the skin's condition and tone while alpha hydroxy acid gently encourages exfoliation. The antioxidants eliminate free radicals that damage skin and contribute to acne. Alpha hydroxy acid rids the skin of old skin cells that would otherwise fill in pores, also creating acne. The acid also encourages skin cells to turn over more quickly, refreshing the skin and eliminating minor blemishes.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser is a sugar scrub/alpha hydroxy acid combination that clears the skin of dead skin cells. The exfoliate foaming cleanser has a restorative action that makes the skin look fresh and new again by eliminating blemishes and dull skin. The cleanser also works to clear clogged pores, eliminating acne. It also stimulates collagen production which plumps out fine lines and wrinkles.

The Moisture Rich Cleansing Lotion is perfect for those who have issues with dry skin. It's a gentle astringent that cleans the skin without drying it out or leaving a burning sensation behind. The ingredients include oils that the skin loves and readily absorbs, restoring it to a soft and pliable state. It clears the skin of dirt, reduces redness and inflammation, cleans pores and gets rid of impurities on the surface of the skin.

All types of skin get a boost from the Transformative Cleansing Clay Masque. The clay masque is a three-in-one treatment that cleans and soothes irritated skin. Its especially beneficial for skin issues such as rosacea, acne and eczema. It's made from kaolin clay and contains salicylic acid at a strength of 15 percent. This strength of salicylic acid is powerful enough to eliminate blemishes, acne and other skin issues in a relatively short period of time. Combining it with kaolin clay ensures that skin stays soothed and soft.

Any one of these cleansing agents make for a powerful tool in the beauty box. All have ingredients that are proven to work, restoring your skin to a youthful appearance.
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