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suki's Environmental Policy

When you purchase suki skin care products, you are purchasing products from a company that is not just committed to using natural ingredients in their products; they are committed to purchasing organic ingredients from local sources whenever possible. International suppliers must comply with fair trade practices. The company strives to reduce their own carbon footprint as well as that of their suppliers. suki prides itself on the fact that the farms from which ingredients come don't harm the bees that produce beeswax. More than that, almost all of suki's products are completely vegan, and since beeswax is the only non plant-based ingredient, the company rightly says that their products don't contain any animal-derived ingredients.

suki is a company whose commitment to environmental stewardship extends to the manner in which their products are manufactured. They create, pour, label and ship all of their products from their processing facility in Western Massachusetts. The company's processing uses the least possible carbon emissions.

suki is as committed to packing their products with the same environmental awareness and eco-friendly approach that they use with regard to ingredients. Recyclable glass is used in lieu of plastic, but glass is better because it preserves the integrity of all herbs used in the products. The cornstarch used for products and the packing peanuts for shipping are organic, and all inks are vegetable based and biodegradable. Packing newsprint is unbleached, and other paper and ink for labeling and shipping comes from suppliers who support important environmental initiatives including the certification from the forestry stewardship council and the use of wind-powered energy.

suki is a company whose commitment to the environment is an all-encompassing one. You can be sure that their ingredients are organic, that they are from the closest possible sources, and that when that isn't possible, any international suppliers comply with fair trade practices. All packaging materials, printing inks and papers are derived from vegetable, recycled and eco-friendly sources. Suki's commitment to environmental responsibility is as important to the brand as the quality and source of the ingredients in their products.
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