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suk and Pure Rose Concentrate

suki was developed by a woman who became disenchanted with skin care treatments that left her skin aching and damaged with difficult side effects. Knowing there must be something available to soothe her skin, and spurred by her passion to find those missing ingredients, Suki Kramer spent hours researching and collaborating with various chemists and traditional herbalists to find the keys to lasting skin care and beauty that would last each woman her lifetime.

Suki created these products, with love and care for encouraging each woman to embrace her own skin, and introduced suki's skin care product line. One can search for products based on their individual concerns, from the expecting mother treating her stretched and aching skin or the beautiful grandmother searching for the product to feature her sparkling eyes and reflect her youthful attitude.

Each product is made with quality, natural ingredients meant to give every woman a sense of strength and vitality that comes from assurance in treating one's body right. suki Skin Care was created to evolve with each woman's aging process to meet her individual needs along the way and age gracefully. It balances and nourishes the skin creating the harmony every woman needs to feel her best no matter what.

One unique ingredient that suki Skin Care has capitalized upon is the pure rose concentrate. It is highly potent and carries the items needed to make one's skin regenerate and become fully balanced. This concentrate is extracted from individually picked rose petals to meet the highest standard and meet the exact specifications for suki's skin care products.

Suki Kramer's line has been developed from the ground up to assure her customers that they are receiving the best possible product for their money. There are products for the most sensitive skin and are safe for pregnant women and even infants.

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