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Yarok Beauty Kitchen Tests on Clients

yarok beauty kitchen

Yarok, which is the Hebrew word for green, creates hair care products that are environmentally friendly while adding essential nourishment to the hair and scalp. All of the completely natural botanicals in the products are purchased from companies that practice environmentally responsible growing and harvesting techniques. Most of the ingredients going into the hair care products are "certified organic" and Yarok is one of the few hair care businesses creating products that meet all of the requirements for being labeled 100% as vegan. The entire line of beauty products does wonders for the hair without the addition of any harmful parabens, alcohol or sulfates.

The developers are careful to avoid any type of cruelty to animals when testing their products All of this is clearly listed on the labels, which are made of 80% non-genetically modified corn. The non-paper labels are waterproof as well as being environmentally friendly. The beauty products developed by Yarok are referred to as "Food for Your Head," as the company focuses on creating products that encourage gentle relaxation and inner renewal through vital nutrients and essential oils. As a way of giving back to the community, Yarok donates 3% of profits to The Pachamama Alliance, an NPO that safeguards Amazon rainforests.

Volunteer Testing in the Salon

In the beauty industry, it can be very difficult to find quality products that have not been tested on animals. This is of great concern to the management at Yarok, so they brought the dilemma before salon clientele in the New York studio. They were overwhelmed with the willingness of their clients to take part in testing the new products before they are sent to the open market. As users became familiar with the products, they grew in success and the word spread. Encouraged by the enthusiasm, Yarok continues to develop and test new products that deal with scalp abnormalities and challenging styling issues. The entire line of hair care products, which went through years of testing and tweaking, are available online, at select salons and the New York headquarters —Yarok Beauty Kitchen.
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